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Our mission is dedicated to people who are developmentally challenged to inspire them to achieve more.Teaching life skills and giving them wings to make them fly, to become strong supporting members of society.Famous PEOPLE Players is applauded worldwide for life skills training in our…. Exceptional Achievement Program.This is why Diane Dupuy, Member of the Order of Canada, founded the company. Her work brought integration to the attention of the world.

There is no fee to the candidates who apply. They come to learn culinary arts, hospitality, technical theatre, performing arts and much more. These different departments are available to every candidate within the Exceptional Achievement Program, to unlock the creative core inside of them.

It is through the backdrop of our highly disciplined arts program from culinary to theatre; they come to terms with their own personal disability to find their way out of the dark. Thus the human journey begins!

Famous PEOPLE Players works with old fashioned values and common sense to help everyone successfully achieve their goal in enhancing their life skills. Most importantly, they are encouraged to fulfill personal dreams as the outside world is embraced.

All donations go to support this award winning Exceptional Achievement Program, allowing new members to join each year.



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FPP’s Philosophy is…
A healthy body = A healthy mind.
Moving quickly from one department to another, standing straight, and looking everyone in the eye makes a great impression. This carries through to the Culinary Arts Department when presenting the entrées to the customers at their tables. FPP enriches the soul of every member by building their resilience and guide them on how to make the right choices in life.

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