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Famous PEOPLE Players - Pop and Rock

Pop and Rock

January 13 2018 - May 31 2018

POP & ROCK will explode on stage under the illumination of Black Light.

The Color, the Lights and the Sound, will make you feel you are at a concert for the STARS!

Famous PEOPLE Players will bring your Favourite Rock tunes to LIFE!

Your eyes will POP
Your ears will POP
You won’t even hear a Pin DROP !
You won’t catch your breath till the show STOPS!

Call (416) 532-1137 for more information.

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Famous PEOPLE Players - A Little Like Magic

A Little Like Magic

June 2 2018 - November 9, 2018

As Seen on Broadway - A Blacklight Musical Fantasy

When Famous PEOPLE Players first opened on Broadway, critics and audiences alike were blown away with the range of music from POP to ROCK to SWING to JAZZ to COUNTRY and said the variety was enchanting.

A little bit of country ...a little bit of city!

Fall in love all over again and see why the New York Post said, "No praise is too high for the visual effects, the lighting, and the dazzling expertise of the unseen performers."

Call (416) 532-1137 for more information.

Famous PEOPLE Players - Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

November 10 2018 - January 5 2019

We will take you on a journey
of the imagination through a
'Winter Wonderland'

Sleighbells Ring,
Are you listening?
In Toronto, Snow is Glistening!
A Beautiful Sight
At Famous PEOPLE Players tonight.
Come walk with us in a Winter Wonderland.

It is that time of year where the whole world celebrates and in the midst of the falling snow Famous PEOPLE Players will reveal the true gifts of the Season.

Call (416) 532-1137 for more information.