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The Frieda Griffiths Education Program - Masters of Imagination and Entrepreneurship (M.I.E.)

How does everyone take their life’s calling, put it on paper and make it become a reality in the future?


Famous PEOPLE Players will take you through our theatre school in a creative and FUN way.

Your report card on Life will be an A Plus

Our new “M.I.E.” Masters of Imagination and Entrepreneurship Program inspires creativity and imagination, as well as, business skills. This is the entrepreneurial spirit at its very best and with our Imagination we have a “cool” skill set - something children need now more than ever in today’s challenging world. This is the future!

Elements for Each Workshop

Under the guidance of Three Masters from the Entrepreneurial world for each workshop, we begin to explore the future.

Everyone works as fast and hard as if they are on Master Chef Canada, only they will be cooking up Imaginative and Business minded recipes for success in our Theatre classroom.

Date: Every Saturday beginning October 10, 2020 to January-9, 2021 Time: 10:00 am – 3:30 p.m.


Curtain rises

10 A.M. Performance by Famous PEOPLE Players to get everyone’s creative juices flowing and through the performance they will discover their own imagination. Hearing FPP’s story of struggle to success - winning rave reviews on Broadway. Very powerful and inspirational, showing everyone there is always HOPE when you believe in yourself, everyone believes in YOU!

12:30: Includes working lunch with Masters Leaders in the industry who will help encourage everyone to create outside the box.

All workshops are tailor made to suit the needs of the audience, no matter what age. You are never too young to dream of your future.

On completion of the program everyone will be presented with a ‘Masters of Imagination & Entrepreneurship’ certificate with their name on it from the guest Masters themselves.

Workshops Topics include:

  • Being an Entrepreneur is Cool: Perfect for learning how to start up your own business from the ground up. Creative, fun and thought provoking. Even young children will love this – as they create a lemonade stand that is unique and or snow shoveling business that will have customers lining up. Older children will also be mentor on their future business, no matter what it is or what their age is.
  • The Tony goes to... The audition begins… script writers, set designers and who can sing the lead, makes for an award-winning musical. Lots of fun and you would be surprised - young or old - everyone is a STAR!
  • How Good Are You on Your feet? This is improvisation at its very best and let’s throw in some really cool dancing with a master in choreography and another in Directing. They will be dancing as fast as they can, and will learn what it takes to be a producer.
  • The Winner of the Grammy is... composers, singers – let’s create a HIT song. Build your own recording studio and how to sell yourself to the world. You never know…are they playing your song?
  • If You Can’t Beat Them Join Them! - Creating a LIVE new video game for a FPP performance on stage. A game that teaches everyone who plays how to make this world a better place. Learning the right etiquette for social media and posting that will circulate the world with positive ideas for video games. Who is the hero? We think it is you! This will be exciting!

M.I.E. for students interested in entering the business, political or legal world, the same concepts are applied. Everything we do, must make this world a better place including having a financial aspect to your dream. Important to note that this is perfect, from 9 years of age and up.

  • So you want to be a Lawyer?
    • Come up with a scenario including both defense and prosecution attorneys
    • Choose a crime.
    • Students pair up and debate in an imaginary court room bringing home a verdict.
    • Cross examination of a jury will teach everyone that CONSEQUENCES, is an important part of life’s journey towards the future. Start making the right choices now. All happens on STAGE!
  • So You want to be a Politician
    Exercise your passion and your heart to the political stripes you believe most strongly in and without getting mad. Great debates, you might find out… you changed parties. Run your own campaign on how you can change the world for the better. All this applies to public speaking, building confidence techniques and the audition process in the world of entertainment. This one we all love no matter what age, young children learn how to express themselves on stage. Lots of fun when acted out.
  • Family Day - here is a day where parents and their children come to unify themselves as everyone performs on stage showing off their talent and yes there is lots of fun as we design and work in the arts. You will become closer as a family, including learning budgeting and financial planning, teaching the importance of saving now for the future. This is a combo of all things that FPP have learn to become the Canadian Treasure that it is.
  • So you want to be a Millionaire. Start at the bottom and work your way to the TOP! Create your own business plan. Through the backdrop of theatre our instructors will show you the ups and downs of becoming a one man show. How to market yourself. Learn how to sell yourself to the world. Confidence workshops and taking each student young and old, through a demo on their imaginary business plan. How to save, budget and invest in your own destiny. This will teach everyone not to be afraid – you can do it.
  • Artist first – painting - sketching – how through your ART you can make people happy by bringing joy to the world. Learn how to set yourself up for success. Even the art of graffiti can be inspiring!

2:00 pm

  • Students make their personal Presentation on stage to a surprise guest celebrity.
  • Following their presentation they will receive a Masters of Imagination and Entrepreneurship Certification corresponding to the workshop attended (take a picture with you, the Master celebrity and one of the puppets from the show to social media out.))

3:30 pm

  • Adjournment

Schedule and Pricing

Every Saturday starting October 10, 2021 to January 9, 2022

Cost $49.95 per day plus HST for one workshop.

To attend all workshops as listed for the first season cost $390.00 plus HST A substantial savings unless you are a monthly donor of $19.95 the reduce rate is $359.00.

Adults attending to join in the fun the cost is $59.95 for the one day program $499.00.

Only 50 can enroll, creative and fun social distancing is 8 feet /2.2 meters per person.

Great gifts to give during the Holiday season, for the year 2021.


Famous PEOPLE Players also travel out of town to inspire people to achieve more!

They say COVID made our children the lost generation.

We say COVID made our children the Stars of the future.

Famous PEOPLE Players... Canada’s Goodwill Ambassadors to the world.

Lieutenant Governor’s Award presented to FPP for the Arts… for building, exceptional private and community support.

Three of our Board of members have received the Governor General’s “Caring Citizen Award” presented by the Right Honorable David Johnston.

People Players Inc. O/A Famous PEOPLE Players Register Canadian Charity 11909-0959-RR00011

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